African Diaspora Economic Inclusion Foundation.

We contribute to reducing the economic inequalities impacting the UK’s African Diaspora business community with a specific focus on female entrepreneurs.


The African Diaspora Economic Inclusion Foundation (ADEIF) is a non-profit organization that works with those who believe, as we do; that to tackle inequalities, there needs to be a collaboration where we can leverage our individual strengths and expertise for a purpose greater than ourselves.

Together we address exclusion. Tackling the issues preventing African Diaspora professionals from participating equally in society and sourcing the economic tools enabling them to shape their own lives. This makes self-determination possible (or: viable)

Our contribution to the global race to equality

 We invest our time and resources in three key areas:

Promoting activities to foster understanding between people from diverse racial backgrounds in the business sector.
Advancing education and raising awareness of the issues of economic inequality affecting the African Diaspora as a result of racial inequality.
Providing financial and non-financial support to African Diaspora women, who are impacted by issues of racial inequality in obtaining funding.

Why focus on African Diaspora female business owners?

If women and men participated equally as entrepreneurs, global GDP could rise by 3-6%, boosting the global economy by trillion (BCG, 2019)


When women work, they invest 90% of their income back into their families, $2.5-$5 compared with 35% for men (Clinton Global initiative).

Lack of access to finance, funding and network are consistent challenges affecting women business owners. These issues are exacerbated for Black women who face exclusion because of both gender and race. This is not being adequately addressed at a government policy or financial institutional level.


As set out in the supporting evidence, a report issued by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office of the UK Government, the Department for International Trade, on Barriers to Capital Flow for Black Female Entrepreneurs, Black women experience significant restrictions and barriers when attempting to progress economically. This is a key issue of economic inequality that the African Diaspora Economic Inclusion Foundation (ADEIF) intend to address.



Realising our vision for a better, more equitable society comes with challenges, we build long-term partnerships with like-minded stakeholders to ensure whatever challenges are faced, we face them together.

Joining us means you too can help close the gender and race equality gap that consistently hinders economic growth and prosperity for all.


As strong advocates for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) specifically SDG5 (Gender Equality), SDG8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) and SDG10 (Reduced Inequalities)

Black British citizens, with African and/or African-Caribbean ancestry
Global African Diaspora
Africa (population)


If you are keen to be involved in supporting our mission, we’d love to hear from you and can advise on how you can get involved when we are up and running as a charitable organization.